Clarkton Pizza

Pizza is one of those foods that everyone enjoys, from children to adults alike, and it can be eaten as a snack or as a meal making it a very versatile item.

Clarkton Hotel offers the only truly authentic Italian style wood fired pizza in Angeles City.

Our custom-made brick pizza oven is conveniently located in the back of the Panorama restaurant, visible to customers.

The pizza menu is stacked with several authentic Italian recipes to choose from.
Guests may also choose to customize their own pizza by adding small portions of additional toppings.

Our pizza has been rated by several sources as being the best in Angeles City.
We import the best raw materials for making our dough, and we only source the freshest ingredients to create an absolutely delicious pizza.

We begin serving pizza at 11 AM to 3 AM daily.

Make sure to order some on your next visit you will not be disappointed!

[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”937″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱195″ tittle=”Pizza Pane” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”936″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱350″ tittle=”Pizza Margarita” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”935″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱485″ tittle=”Pizza Hawaiian” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”934″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱485″ tittle=”Pizza Salami” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”934″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱485″ tittle=”Pizza Pepperoni” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”933″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱525″ tittle=”Pizza Four Season” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”931″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱525″ tittle=”Pizza Capricciosa” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”930″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱495″ tittle=”Pizza Four Cheese” button_text=”Read More”]
[ucaddon_uc_diagonal_product_box image=”929″ price_bg_color=”#f68609″ price=”₱485″ tittle=”Pizza Prosciutto” button_text=”Read More”]