ATM Machine

Clarkton features 2 ATM machines, one located inside the lobby, and one at the entrance of the hotel.
Guests never have to worry about the safety or convenience of withdrawing funds.

Our ATMs you can only take out up to php 10.000 per use with a Overseas card.
The fee for php 10.000 will be php 200 or 2%.

VISA/Masterdcard/Maestro Card/Dinners Club


Cashing out through lets you directly claim funds out of your wallet or send money to anyone in the Philippines via bank transfer, cash pickup, mobile money, or door-to-door delivery.

Here are the steps:

1) Choose the cash-out option that is most convenient for you.

Note that if you cash out before 10 am on a regular business day, you will receive it on the same day. Outside of that, you will receive the cash in your chosen outlet on the next business day. 

*For more urgent cashouts, we recommend using our coinsXpress option – Cardless ATM 

One time PIN and Transaction # is needed. For assistance ask at Travel Scout inside Clarkton Lobby.